HOW DOES IT WORK?¬ The Biofill digester is an aerobic decomposition system, it treats toilet waste and the flush water in the chamber,......

it breaks down the toilet waste completely with oxygen in a way that odor is not generated.

The chamber itself is a filter, when you flush your water closet (WC), the digester filters the toilet waste water through grades of sand, fibre net and porous concrete, allowing non-toxic clean and odorless water to drain out to your garden, soak-away or gutter, leaving the toilet waste in a suspended environment where oxygen gets to every part of it, under those conditions, millions of environmentally friendly micro organisms and bacteria feed on the toilet waste till it disappear completely.

Also as the toilet waste decomposes in an aerobic chamber it suppresses the production of methane gas during the process. When we finish constructing the biofil toilet digester chamber, we put in a chemical call BIOZYME, it is a chemical full of environmentally friendly bacteria’s. BIOZYME POWDER is a chemical that burns, liquefies and degrade human waste within three days. It makes Biofil toilet digesters chambers always empty and clean. Call us at 027 777 7917 or visit